Let SeedShield help you with seed grading and treatment for your crop You can rely on SeedShield to provide you with expert and reliable seed grading and seed treatment services, from seed cleaning through to protecting your seed against disease and pests.

  • Service area: Our mobile seed grading and treating trucks operate throughout the cropping regions of Australia.
  • Convenience: You choose the time and place and we come to your farm and do the rest.
  • Product range: Not only do our trucks grade all grain types but you have access to a comprehensive range of seed treatments backed by an extensive agronomic network.

We offer a variety of services

Seed Grading

The seed grading process cleans seed from foreign material such as weeds, husk, straw and organic dust. Using a series of screens, the SeedShield trucks also remove small seed. This is an important step in the grading process as large seed have been shown to perform better through the germination and seed emergence stages leading to improved crop yields.

The SeedShield trucks provide a reliable and quick (up to 35 t/hour) seed grading service with the added benefit of the entire process being conducted on your farm.

Seed Treatment

It is important to apply a seed treatment for disease and insect protection providing the best potential for a quality, high yielding crop.

The use of seed treatment will provide protection for: soil diseases; seed diseases; foliar & root diseases; and blackleg in canola. Each SeedShield truck carries a range of seed treatment products applicable to difference seed types and cropping operations. Nutrien’s team of agronomists can provide expert advice as to which seed treatments are recommended for your cropping program.


As a partner of Nutrien Ag Solutions, each SeedShield truck has access to a comprehensive range of seed treatment products. SeedShield’s professional operators are experienced in the application of all of these products.

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