• How to book?

      Please click "Book Now" and fill in your details and submit the form. You will be contacted by our friendly administrator to confirm date and time of service.

  • What is required for SeedShield to start work?

      Please have clean grain storage and waste/seconds grain storage ready with suitable volume IE silo, truck, field bin, mother bin or chaser bin. We can load clean grain into bulk bags if required (no less than 500kg bags) Note: we cannot load seconds/waste into small bags.

  • What do I need to prepare for silo-to silo grading?

      The truck is going to be grading from silo to silo, please provide an auger for the clean grain to go from the outload auger of the seed truck up into the silo (on the left). Please also make sure you have petrol/diesel for the auger to run throughout the duration of the job and make sure the auger runs well as breakdowns can cause significant delay. It will be your responsibility to see that the auger is fueled up and runs well. The operator will concentrate on running the seed truck and treater.

      When we arrive and start working, grain will be taken from the second silo from the left and grade it into #1 empty silo, then graded silo #3 back into #2 and so on.

      Here is the visual map explaining how SeedShield works on your farm:


  • What seed treatments can be applied and how much?

      If you are having your seed treated, please make sure the scheduler and operator are aware of what seed treatments you require and what rate you want them applied at. If you are providing your own seed treatments, please be aware that you will be charged corkage @ $5.00 PER LITRE. If you want to avoid this charge, please allow the seed truck to supply the seed treatments and make sure we know in advance so we have the correct quantities.

  • Do I need to have diesel and water available for refill?

      Yes. When the seed truck arrives the generator tank will be full of diesel and the water tank will be full (water supply to the treater). Please make sure you have diesel and water available for the operator to refill at the completion of the job.

  • How can I control grading to specification to minimise waste?

      The operator will grade and treat your seed to the high standard we have set. If you would like the operator to grade harder, i.e. remove more waste to achieve the cleanest sample (you will need to be prepared to lose more grain to remove all contaminants), or you would like the operator to grade lighter, i.e. remove less waste, you need to communicate this to the operator.

  • Who needs to be present on site when SeedShield operator arrived?

      For safety and efficiency, the operator is required to operate the seed truck and treater, however you will need to be present or have a farm manager/worker on site to operate your machinery and approve the sample.

  • How does Canola seed sizing work and can it be done prior to treatment?

      Benefit of sizing canola seed are well known and SeedShield can grade your canola seed to size to maximise the efficiencies, however it could result in higher waste and you need to ensure you have enough for seeding.

  • How to amend my booking?

      If your situation has changed and you would like to change or cancel your booking, please go to "Contact Us" page and call administrator in your region.