Seed grading improves quality control

Seed grading is crucial to making sure that every grain that you plant counts.

Seed grading is a process that helps reduce the likelihood of planting poorer quality seed. Using grading, you make sure you are only selecting the larger seed that have a better chance to produce stronger seedlings with improved vigour.

When you grade seed, other foreign materials are removed during the process too. This means that your grain is not competing with other crop seed, weed seed, dirt and other debris.

After grading your seed, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Less need to control weeds, which can be costly
  • Removal of herbicide resistant weed seed
  • Removal of smaller seed that produce less vigorous seedlings
  • Greater yield potential, as only the healthiest seed are planted
  • Impurities removed from seed as they are threshed
seed grading

Quality seed leads to greater vigour

The vigour of seed is crucial for establishing a strong crop. While germination of seed is important, quality seed have much higher chances of germination, emergence from the soil and strong and healthy seedlings that grow faster.

Lower quality seed that are less vigorous routinely see reduced emergence and yield. A critical factor and reason for this is poorer conditions, such as issues with soil, weather, or planting position, affect seed of lower quality to a greater degree.

seed grading

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